The Giant Cupcake 🙌🏽

After a long and super busy break at home, I’m finally back to resume my baking😌

whats better than a cupcake? A mega sized cupcake of course!😂
This is also the cake featured on my logo!
When I saw the giant cupcake tin at the shop, I seriously couldn’t resist getting one (even though I remember my mom clearly telling me to stop piling up things while I’m still a student because I’ll have a hard time shifting everything). But this had to be bought!!

I used the Classic Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream recipe. you can use the Nutella buttercream for the inside filling of the cake and for the rest of it i used the Pink Buttercream Frosting 💟( if you don’t want  to make two separate frostings, put a layer of simple buttercream inside it and layer it up with some Nutella spread) I covered the lower part of the cake with fondant (not my best attempt at fondant, but practice will make it perfect one day 😉 )​

​This was made for my cousin more like sister’s birthday which is why it had to be pink 💟
you can go for any colouring in the buttercream you like🙃

Happy Baking

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