Hi, I’m Amar!

My name takes different meanings in different languages; from ‘Everlasting’ in Arabic to ‘Love’ in Portuguese, and hence, I try making everlasting impressions with what I love doing: Baking! Baking, for me, has been my constant, my passion that has made me happy and content, and has helped me spread a little bit of the happiness through my creations.

My sister encouraged me to start a blog a few years back but I never really saw myself doing it. Now, while I work on my dissertation for my Masters, I finally decided to give it a try! To keep things very realistic… I am not a professional Baker or blogger. I was never the writer sort . I have seen myself baking for family and friends at birthdays, New Years and other celebrations. Coming to London and being the promotions officer for LSE Baking Society (yes, it Baking, not Banking!) and being part of the different Bake Offs, helped me realize my true passion for it.

So here’s hoping you guys enjoy my blog as much as I would love to share my baking with you.I am aware that not everyone likes reading long posts so I will try my best to keep everything to point!
Happy Baking guys

#MakeCakesNotWar #AmarBakes



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