Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake Class at FairCake

Just about two weeks back I was looking up for some short baking courses to keep myself busy because now that I’m waiting on my university results I had quite some free time to my self!! I was looking things online till a friend recommended ‘Fair Cake’ to me! Their 6 day Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake Class instantly caught my eye! I had always wanted to learn more into designing the professional wedding cakes and this was my chance!!

I spent 6 days, 7 hours each in their workshop, and I absolutely loved it!! The last 6 days have been intensive, exhausting yet the most exhilarating ones in my baking journey to date or as a matter of fact I’ve never seen myself put in this much effort in something for a long time now. I love baking for my family and friends and they have always appreciated my efforts! But this was a next level challenge for me and people who know me, are aware of how much I love taking up challenges! I was the youngest in the course and I’ve clearly had my share of blunders everyday but oh well that’s me 🙋🏽😂😂 and I truly believe the best way of learning is through your own mistakes! I have improved so much in this last week! Now that I look back at my baking, I can see so many flaws hahaha!🙈

The class was taught by Graziella Augier, who just recently won two Gold awards for her cake designs at Birmingham Cake International and the woman behind Fair Cake , Shikita. They are both so beautifully talented at what they do! 😍🙌🏽The learning environment alongside Graziella, Shikita and their assistant Agne was really friendly! Plus I got to meet some lovely people at this course! I’m going to miss this place so much!!! xx

We worked on three separate cakes, including some real and dummy cakes. We were taught how to make sugar paste roses, cherry blossoms, peonies and leaves.I’ve never actually worked with fondant that much before this class. It might look straight forward, but from kneading the fondant to smoothing it over the cake and making sure you get those perfect sharp edges it takes up a lot of effort especially if you’re a first time user!

I also got a chance to work with silver leaf which gives the cake such an edge!! One of the challenges I had was on the extended tiered cake that we had to cover with dark chocolate ganache because my cake got a little tilted and all, but I learned so much on fixing things and errors on cakes! Thanks to Shikita and Graziella! 😘


I spent almost three hours on that cake till I got what I was looking for! This was the end result!


Moreover we also did the marble effect on cakes!




I think the most relaxing and therapeutic bit is when you color and paint your flowers, and fondant molds’! Absolutely loved doing that!! Check out my favourite of the flowers:


All in all I feel way more confident in my decorating after this class and would recommend it to anyone who is really serious into going for wedding cake designs or just generally want to learn more about cake designing and techniques. It requires all the patience and precision but it surely brings out the creative side of you! Plus it’s really inspiring to see how you can turn the simplest of things into something so unique and beautiful!


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Hello World!


Hi, I’m Amar!

My name takes different meanings in different languages; from ‘Everlasting’ in Arabic to ‘Love’ in Portuguese, and hence, I try making everlasting impressions with what I love doing: Baking! Baking, for me, has been my constant, my passion that has made me happy and content, and has helped me spread a little bit of the happiness through my creations.

My sister encouraged me to start a blog a few years back but I never really saw myself doing it. Now, while I work on my dissertation for my Masters, I finally decided to give it a try! To keep things very realistic… I am not a professional Baker or blogger. I was never the writer sort . I have seen myself baking for family and friends at birthdays, New Years and other celebrations. Coming to London and being the promotions officer for LSE Baking Society ( yes, it Baking, not Banking!) and being part of the different Bake Offs, helped me realize my true passion for it.

So here’s hoping you guys enjoy my blog as much as I would love to share my baking with you.I am aware that not everyone likes reading long posts so I will try my best to keep everything to point!
Happy Baking guys

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